Tips to Keep Your Facebook Account Safe

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. This application is used by many people across the world to keep in touch with friends and family. Facebook has robust tools and settings that can ensure your account is safe from prying eyes as well as invaders.

Here are some of the tips that can be used to keep your Facebook account safe.

Use a Strong Password

It is important to use a strong password that has a combination of characters and letters. Every account being used should have its password.  Another safety protocol that works with a password is to add a mobile number. If the account is hacked, the user will be able to verify and recover their account.

Manage your Facebook Data

You see; your phone is more than just a tool you use to play online casino joka games. in fact, you can get advanced control for Facebook on how and where Facebook uses any of your data. Location data, face recognition setting, and control contacts uploaded to Facebook can also be managed. The information about privacy and security should not be easy to find.

Two-Factor Authentication for Login

If you set up two-factor authentication, you will be asked to enter a special login code each time someone tries accessing Facebook from a mobile device it does not recognize. For example, if your Facebook account is being accessed from your laptop a notification will be sent that the account was accessed from a device outside of the usual device.

Restrict Data for Applications

Facebook has reduced the data that an application can request without app review to include name, email address, and profile picture.  There is the need to approve apps that request access to information such as photographs, videos, and other posts.


Users can customize the experience for each individual on their friend list, limiting certain information and pictures from certain people.  Utilizing the privacy settings to change who can see certain things helps information the user wants private to stay that way. The best thing about privacy settings is that a user can also determine who can find them through Facebook search.

Do Not Accept Friend Requests From People You Don’t Know

Facebook allows individuals to add other friends but if the user does not know some of them, it is better not to add them. People receive random friend requests but if there is no direct affiliation to that request, it is better to ignore and delete. If someone is harassing you, sending you multiple repeated friend requests, or is trying to hack you it is best to just block them. 

Log Out

Logging out after using Facebook is one of the most overlooked protocols a user could do. This is effective in keeping unknown persons from compromising the account. It is very important to log out especially if you are using a device that others will be using.